Amadeusz Juskowiak

Zaire accepts tinexport quota atpc says

Zaire agreed to limit its tin exports to 1736 tonnes for 12 months from March 1 in line with an Association of Tin Producing Countries ATPC plan to curb exports the ATPC said

ATPC Executive Director Victor Siaahan told Reuters he received a telex from Zaire indicating its willingess to take part in the plan to limit total ATPC exports to 96000 tonnes for a year from March 1

Siaahan said Zaire is expected to produce 1900 tonnes of tin in calendar 1987 and that in 1986 its output and exports were about 1200 tonnes

The ATPC hopes to cut the 70000tonne world surplus by 20000 tonnes and boost prices

All ATPC members except Zaire and Australia recently agreed to adhere to the export quotas allocated them under the plan Australia said its quota of 7000 tonnes was roughly equal to its expected output this year

The ATPC consists of Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Bolivia Australia Nigeria and Zaire

China and Bolivia important producers of tin are not members