Amadeusz Juskowiak

Us asks japan end agriculture import controls

The US Wants Japan to eliminate import controls on agricultural products within three years visiting US UnderSecretary of State for Economic Affairs Allen Wallis told Eishiro Saito Chairman of the Federation of Economic Organisations Keidanren a spokesman for Keidanren said

The spokesman quoted Wallis as saying drastic measures would be needed to stave off protectionist legislation by Congress

Wallis who is attending a subcabinetlevel bilateral trade meeting made the remark yesterday in talks with Saito

Wallis was quoted as saying the Reagan Administration wants Japanese cooperation so the White House can ensure any US Trade bill is a moderate one rather than containing retaliatory measures or antagonising any particular country

He was also quoted as saying the US Would be pleased were Japan to halve restrictions on agricultural imports within five years if the country cannot cope with abolition within three the spokesman said

Japan currently restricts imports of 22 agricultural products A ban on rice imports triggered recent US Complaints about Japans agricultural policy