Amadeusz Juskowiak

Unilever improves in most sectors during 1986

The Unilever Plc and NV UNA group saw improved performance in almost all sectors during 1986 the AngloDutch group said in its results statement

Very good progress was made last year while the recent acquisition of ChesebroughPonds Inc CBMN was a significant addition which will greatly benefit the group in the years to come

Earlier Unilever reported combined fourth quarter pretax profit of 276 mln stg level with the year earlier period making 114 billion stg compared with 953 mln for the 1986 full year

Unilever said it plans to change its depreciation policy to the more conventional practice of depreciating assets individually rather than depreciating fixed assets at average rates The new method is expected to lead to a reduction in the accumulated provision for depreciation and thereby increase the net book value of tangible asssets by about 300 mln stg as at January 1 1987

Unilever Plc shares are up 25p since yesterday at 2575p in buoyant response to the results and share split proposal though 1986 profits were not ahead of market forecasts dealers added