Amadeusz Juskowiak

Hong kong m3 rises 22 pct in january

Hong Kongs broadly defined M3 money supply rose 22 pct to 60717 billion HK Dlrs in January after a 31 pct rise in December for a yearonyear rise of 233 pct the government said in a statement

Local currency M3 rose 36 pct to 28036 billion dlrs from December when it was up 34 pct from November for a rise of 163 pct on the year

Total M2 rose 33 pct to 53526 billion dlrs in January from December when it rose 35 pct on the previous month Local M2 rose 47 pct to 24903 billion dlrs in January from December when it climbed 42 pct

Total M2 and local M2 rose 325 pct and 239 pct on the yearago month respectively

Total M1 rose 12 pct to 6284 billion dlrs in January after a 50 pct rise the previous month Local M1 rose 123 pct to 5797 billion dlrs after a 62 pct rise Total M1 and local M1 yearonyear growth was 325 and 326 pct respectively

Total loans and advances rose 33 pct to 51719 billion dlrs from December when they rose 12 pct

Loans for financing Hong Kongs visible trade rose 34 pct to 3672 billion dlrs after a 18 pct rise in December