Amadeusz Juskowiak

Fisons plc fisnl year to end1986

Shr 275p vs 243p

Div 395p vs 334p making 65p vs 55p

Pretax profit 851 mln stg vs 723 mln

Turnover 7026 mln vs 6467 mln

Tax 184 mln vs 152 mln

Finance charges 41 mln vs 54 mln

Minority interest 01 mln vs 05 mln

Extraordinary debit being closure and restructuring costs 49 mln vs 37 mln

Operating profit includes

Pharmaceutical 498 mln vs 390 mln

Scientific equipment 232 mln vs 192 mln

Horticulture 80 mln vs 87 mln

Note company said it plans oneforone capitalisation