Amadeusz Juskowiak

Comalco ltd cmacs 1986 net

Net profit 571 mln dlrs vs loss 691 mln

Net is equity accounted

Preequity accounted net 3990 mln dlrs vs loss 4911 mln

Preequity shr profit 71 cents vs loss 87

Final div to be announced after July 1 vs first and final 10 cent

Sales 188 billion vs 178 billion

Other income 5275 mln vs 1522 mln

Shrs 56061 mln vs same

NOTE Net is after tax paid 4685 mln dlrs vs credit 502 mln interest 12768 mln vs 11719 mln depreciation 10929 mln vs 10073 mln and minorities 150 mln vs loss 331000

But net is before net extraordinary loss 1405 mln vs nil Extraordinaries comprise exchange losses 1029 mln provision for Goldendale smelter closure costs 273 mln and increase in future tax provision 103 mln