Amadeusz Juskowiak

Traders detail french cereal export requests

French operators last Friday requested licences to export 10500 tonnes of free market maize 11950 tonnes of free market barley and 13000 of soft wheat flour to nonEC countries at prefixed daily droit commun rebates French trade sources said

The latest requests for the maize were for export to Switzerland Austria and Lichtenstein at a maximum daily rebate prefixed last Friday at 141 Ecus a tonne against a previous 20 Ecu daily rebate

The special daily rebate for maize was set in the context of a Commission commitment to grant this season rebates for the export of 500000 tonnes of French maize to nonEC countries in compensation for concessions to the US in the recent dispute over grain sales to Spain

If the latest French requests are accepted as expected this will bring the total of French maize exported in this context to 25500 tonnes

The Commission last Thursday granted weekly rebates for the sale of 15000 tonnes of free market maize to nonEC countries

Requests for barley were for export to Switzerland Austria and Lichtenstein Ceuta and Melilla at an unchanged prefixed restitution of 125 Ecus a tonne while requests for soft wheat flour were for export to various nonEC countries at an unchanged 178 Ecus a tonne