Amadeusz Juskowiak

Thai airways international to almost double fleet

Thai Airways International plans to expand its fleet to 58 from 30 aircraft by 1995 company officials said

Thamnoon Wanglee vicepresident for finance told a weekend marketing conference Thai would finance the expansion by borrowing but he did not give details

He said the airline planned to reduce its yen borrowing to 364 pct of overall debt by September 1992 It is currently 643 pct of overall debt

He said dollar borrowing should rise to 562 pct of overall debt in the same period compared to 157 pct now

Other company officials said the stateowned airline had no plans to go private They said the airline is studying a government proposal for it to merge with Thai Airways Company the stateowned domestic carrier

A report presented to the conference showed the airline expects passenger sales revenue to be 13 pct higher in 1987 than in 1986 This follows a 20 pct jump in passenger sales revenue in the past four months

Executive vice president Chatrachai Bunyaananta said the current expansion of Bangkok airport would be completed this year