Amadeusz Juskowiak

Temple inlandintl paper up on raised opinion

Shares of Temple Inland Inc TIN and International Paper Co IP rose sharply this morning following a recommendation by Prudential Bache Securities traders said

Temple Inland jumped 278 to 73 and International Paper 114 to 9114

Prudential Bache analyst Mark Rogers was not available for comment Traders said he raised his recommendation of Temple Inland to a buy to support his earnings outlook of 585 dlrs a share in 1987 and nine dlrs a share in 1988 The company earned 330 dlrs a share in 1986

Traders also said that Rogers reiterated a recommendation of International Paper another forest products company that scored large gains in January as the dollar floundered Rogers expects the company to earn 750 dlrs a share in 1987 and 10 dlrs a share in 1988 Last year the company earned 528 dlrs a share