Amadeusz Juskowiak

Service corp international srv 3rd qtr net

Qtr ended Jan 31

Shr 33 cts vs 29 cts

Net 148 mln vs 11 mln

Revs 1086 mln vs 700 mln

Avg shrs 452 mln vs 376 mln

Nine mths

Shr 88 cts vs 76 cts

Net 367 mln vs 287 mln

Revs 2604 mln vs 1930 mln

Avg shrs 419 mln vs 378 mln

Note Net for nine mths includes gains from dispositions of 1783000 dlrs or four cts a share vs 900000 dlrs or two cts a share

Avg shrs and shr data restated to reflect threefortwo stock split in January