Amadeusz Juskowiak

Pakistan cotton output reaches 77 mln bales

Pakistan cotton production during the current crop season SeptMarch reached 77 mln bales of 375 pounds each up 500000 from last season Shafi Niaz Chairman of the Agricultural Prices Commission said

Official sources said Pakistan was likely to use 34 mln bales of cotton during the current financial year ending June after 296 mln in 198586 and 270 mln in 198485

They said consumption would increase due to a rise in demand for cotton yarn in domestic markets and abroad Pakistan produced 540 mln kilos of yarn in fiscal year 198586 and exported 157 mln

The Stateowned cotton export corporation was likely to export 38 mln bales of cotton during the current fiscal year compared with 386 mln last year cotton traders said

The traders said there would be 13 mln bales of cotton carryover this fiscal year compared with just over a mln bales last year