Amadeusz Juskowiak

Nobelfinanciere robur issue french franc bonds

Nobel and Financiere Robur are issuing French franc domestic bonds with share warrants according to announcements in the Official Bulletin BALO

Nobel is issuing a 200 mln franc 10year bond with a 55 pct coupon in 1000 franc denominations to which existing shareholders will have subscription rights in the ratio of one bond for every 120 shares held with a nominal 10 franc value

The bonds will each carry eight warrants each giving the right to subscribe to one 100franc Nobel share at 140 francs between June 1 1987 and May 31 1994 Payment date is April 28

In a second stage of the operation the company will issue 363 mln new 100franc nominal shares at a price of 120 francs in the ratio of three new shares for 20 existing 10franc nominal shares

This will take the companys capital to 6776 mln francs from the present 242 mln

In a separate operation Financiere Robur is issuing a 14773 mln French franc eightyear bond with a six pct coupon denominated in 1100 franc units and priced at par

Payment date will be April 13 and existing shareholders will have a preferential right to subscribe to the issue in the ratio of one bond for every 10 shares held between March 9 and March 30 1987

Each bond will carry two warrants each giving the right to subscribe between January 1 1988 and March 31 1992 to one Financiere Robur share at a price of 210 francs