Amadeusz Juskowiak

Japan unemploymnent rises to record in january

Japans seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to a record 30 pct in January the worst since the Government started compiling unemployment statistics under its current system in 1953 up from the previous record 29 pct in December the governments Management and Coordination Agency said

Unemployment was up from 28 pct a year earlier

Unadjusted January unemployment totalled 182 mln people up from 161 mln in December and 165 mln a year earlier

Male unemployment in January remained at 29 pct equal to the secondworst level set last December Record male unemployement of 31 pct was set in July 1986

Female unemployment in January remained at 30 pct equal to the record level marked in April August September and December last year

Januarys record 30 pct unemployment rate mainly stemmed from loss of jobs in manufacturing industries particularly in exportrelated firms due to the yens continuing appreciation against the dollar officials said

Employment in manufacturing industries fell 380000 from a year earlier to 1430 mln including 183 mln employed in the textile industry down 190000 from a year earlier and 106 mln in transport industries such as carmakers and shipbuilders down 170000