Amadeusz Juskowiak

Investor group has talks with pesch on ami ami

WEDGE Group Inc a Houston investment firm with a 55 pct stake in American Medical International Inc said it has had talks with Pesch and Co which is seeking control of the company

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission WEDGE which is owned by Issam Fares a Lebanese citizen living in Switzerland also said it discussed the possibility of joining with others in its own bid to seek control of AMI

WEDGE stressed that it has no current plans to seek control of AMI but refused to rule out a takeover try in the future

WEDGE said it has had discussions with AMI management Pesch the closely held health care and investment concern controlled by Chicago physician LeRoy Pesch and other AMI shareholders

It did not specify in its SEC filing which issues selling its AMI stake or joining with others in a takeover try

were discussed with which group But it said the talks did not produce any agreements or understandings

WEDGE said it believes that some form of restructuring of AMI and its business would be highly desirable and appropriate at this time

WEDGE which holds 48 mln shares of AMI common stock said it plans to hold further talks with company management Pesch and other shareholders

Pesch last week sweetened his bid for the company to 22 dlrs a share in cash and securties or 191 billion dlrs based on AMIs total outstanding from an allcash 20 dlr a share bid which the company rejected