Amadeusz Juskowiak

Indonesian soybean imports forecast to rise

Soybean imports are forecast to rise to 425000 tonnes in 198788 OctoberSeptember from an estimated 300000 in 198687 and 375000 in 198586 the US Embassy said in its annual report on Indonesias agriculture

It said Indonesia did not achieve its goal of selfsufficiency in soybean output in calendar 1986 because it did not meet a planned increase in area planted and because yields have remained below target

Soybean meal imports are forecast to fall to around 190000 tonnes in 198788 from 270000 tonnes in 198687 and 295000 tonnes in 198586

Domestic soybean production is forecast to rise steadily to 108 mln tonnes in 198788 from 980000 in the current year and 890000 in 198586 the report said

Imports are forecast to fall in the current year but to rise in 198788 because of a new soybean crushing plant due to come on stream in early 1988

China is the main supplier with a 79 pct share while the US Provides the rest it said

This pattern will likely continue during 198687 since domestic soyfood processors prefer Chinese beans and are willing to pay a premium for them it said

Area planted is expected to increase by 10 pct in both 198687 and 198788

Yield increases continue to be hampered by an insufficient supply of quality seeds along with pest and disease problems the report said