Amadeusz Juskowiak

Imperial chemical imp forms new unit

Imperial Chemical Industries PLC said it is forming a new US pharmaceuticals unit called ICI Pharma

Combined sales of Imperials existing Stuart Pharmaceuticals unit and the new ICI Pharma are projected to be 11 billion dlrs in 1990 the company said Stuart had 1986 sales of 582 mln dlrs

Imperial said it plans to introduce several new drugs including diprivan an anaesthetic and zestril a heart drug over the next three years ICI Pharma and Stuart will operate as separate units of ICI Pharmaceuticals Group it said

Stuart Pharmaceuticals and ICI Pharma will have 1987 sales of approximately 700 mln dlrs about 450 mln dlrs from the new ICI Pharma and 250 mln dlrs from Stuart officials said

The combined sales force of about 900 sales people split about equally between the two units will be slightly larger than the existing sales force at Stuart

Regulatory approval for the annesthetic diprivan is expected in late 1987 while zestril a hypertension and heart drug should be approved in mid or late 1988 company officials said

Approval for oth new drugs including statil a treatment for diabetic complications is not expected until 1989 and 1990 the officials said