Amadeusz Juskowiak

Ico quota talks continue outcome hard to gauge

Talks at the extended special meeting of the International Coffee Organization ICO on the reintroduction of export quotas continued but chances of success were still almost impossible to gauge delegates said

Producer delegates were meeting to examine a Colombian proposal to resume historical quotas from April 1 to September with a promise to define specific new criteria by which a new quota system would be calculated in September for the new crop year they said

Opinions among delegates over the potential for reaching a quota agreement varied widely

Some consumers said the mood of the meeting seemed slightly more optimistic But Brazils unwillingness to concede any of its traditional 3055 pct of its export market share looks likely to preclude any accord other delegates said

No fresh proposals other than the Colombian initiative had been tabled formally today delegates said

A full council meeting was set for 1900 hours for a progress report delegates said