Amadeusz Juskowiak

Gelco corp gel 2nd qtr jan 31 net

Shr 67 cts vs 23 cts

Net 5220000 vs 3143000

Revs 2361 mln vs 2562 mln

Avg shrs 78 mln vs 137 mln

Six Mths

Shr 85 cts vs 59 cs

Net 8919000 vs 8158000

Revs 4838 mln vs 5155 mln

Avg shrs 104 mln vs 137 mln

NOTE Fiscal 1987 second quarter and first half earnings include a gain of 34 mln dlrs and exclude preferred dividend requirements of five mln dlrs in the quarter and 56 mln dlrs in the first half

Fiscal 1986 net reduced by currency losses equal to six cts a share in the second quarter and equal to nine cts in the six months