Amadeusz Juskowiak

Dutch animal feed usage down in first half season

Dutch animal feed usage in the first half of the current season from July through December 1986 fell 76 pct to 65 mln tonnes from 71 mln in the same period of 1985 figures in the latest newsletter from the cooperative CebecoHandelsraad show

Tapioca usage fell 91 pct to 14 mln tonnes from 16 mln in the first half of the 198586 season

Grain usage fell 61 pct to 11 mln tonnes from 12 mln while soymeal usage fell 10 pct to 967000 tonnes from 11 mln

Cornglutenfeed usage fell 178 pct to 729000 tonnes from 887000 but cornfeedmeal usage nearly doubled to 399000 tonnes from 201000

Citruspulp usage dropped 628 pct to 149000 tonnes from 400000 tonnes while rapeseed and meal usage rose 96 pct to 217000 tonnes from 198000 and sunmeal rose 256 pct to 216000 tonnes from 172000 tonnes

During the whole of the season from July 1985 to June 1986 Dutch soymeal usage fell 12 pct to 19 mln tonnes from 21 mln the previous season while sunmeal usage rose 25 pct to 408000 tonnes from 325000

Rapeseed and meal usage during the season also rose 14 pct to 409000 tonnes from 360000 but citruspulp fell 37 pct to 516000 tonnes from 826000

Meanwhile the value of exports of agricultural products from the Netherlands in calendar 1986 fell 54 pct to 487 billion guilders from 515 billion in calendar 1985 figures from the Ministry of Agriculture show

During the same period imports of agricultural products dropped 131 pct to 312 billion guilders from 358 billion