Amadeusz Juskowiak

Dot rejects smoking ban on domestic flights

The US Department of Transportation DOT has concluded that a ban on smoking on all domestic airline flights is not justified at this time

The department made known its conclusions in a report to Congress made public today on a recommendation by the National Academy of Sciences that such a ban be adopted

We agree that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke could be viewed as a problem by some crew and passengers However we believe that further study is needed before the department can propose a definitive response to this recommendation the DOT report said

The National Academy of Sciences NAS had studied the issue of smoking on airlines under a DOT grant

It recommended a ban in August after concluding that tobacco smoke when confined to an airliners cabin posed potential health hazards to cabin crew members irritated passengers and crew and created a risk of fires

The DOT said more study was needed of the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke and of the concentration and distribution of pollutants on various aircraft types

It also called for more study of possible changes in aircraft ventilation systems and said it wanted to spend more time considering whether a ban should be extended to international as well as domestic flights