Amadeusz Juskowiak

Diagnostic products dpcz sees earnings growth

Diagnostic Products Corp president and chief executive officer Sigi Ziering said he expects to maintain the same compound average annal net income growth in 1987 as the company has for the past five years

We expect the same performance in net income over the next five years as we have had in the past Ziering said

Over the past five years Ziering said the company has had average compound net income growth of 32 pct annually with a 27 pct per year growth in earnings per share For 1986 the company had net income of 63 mln dlrs or 107 dlrs per share vs 39 mln dlrs or 73 cts per share in 1985

Diagnostic manufactures medical immunological diagnostic test kits

Ziering said he expects the earnings growth to result from positive effect of the weaker dollar on the companys exports sales as well as accelerated market penetration Ziering said he expected the Food and Drug Administration to approve three more of its drug abuse test kits by the end of the year which depending on approval should also help earnings growth

Ziering said as a result of the new tax laws he expected the companys taxes to decrease by five pct to 31 pct of net income in 1987