Amadeusz Juskowiak

Cuba tells traders sugar exports may be delayed

Cuba has told international sugar operators who have bought its sugar for shipment in March that these contracts will take second place to Cubas direct shipments to its export markets dealers here said

Some traders who have received telexes from Cuba said the language of the message was not totally clear and some believed shipments would be honoured if the traders declare the Soviet Union as the destination of their contracts

The telexes have fueled rising world prices in the last week and reflect a poor Cuban crop worry over Brazils export availability and increasing Soviet demand analysts said

Traders said signs of Cubas shortage of immediately available raw sugar to supply its traditional martkets was probably the factor behind Syria calling a snap buying tender last month

Normally Syria calls white sugar buying tenders for forward delivery and last months spot requirement resulted in the sale of several cargoes

Cuba in its telex told operators they would not receive March shipments as Cuba has to meet its contracts to export markets traders said