Amadeusz Juskowiak

Cme sets february trading volume record

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME posted record trading volume for the month of February when 6556464 futures and options contracts changed hands up 152 pct from last Februarys volume of 5693243 contracts

Interest rate futures trading was the most active segment at the exchange with Eurodollar futures setting a monthly record of 1472184 contracts up 784 pct from volume of 825087 contracts in February last year and surpassing the previous record of 1288729 contracts set in September 1986

Options on Eurodollar futures also set a monthly record of 235916 contracts up 924 pct from 122616 a year ago

Trading in currency futures and options at the CME fell 46 pct during February from a year ago with 2012148 contracts changing hands compared to 2119198 contracts in the same period last year

Volume in most currency futures contracts fell in February while options on the currency futures rose 282 pct Options on mark futures set a monthly record at 273749 contracts up from the previous record of 268831 contracts in January

Agricultural futures volume rose 171 pct during the month with live hog futures volume leading the market segment rising 277 pct to 138543 contracts