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Chrysler to sell cars in europe before year end

Chrysler Corp C will begin exporting vehicles before the end of this year to Europe the worlds second largest market which it left in 1978

Robert Lutz executive vice president told a news briefing After a lapse of almost nine years Chrysler is about to reenter the European market And we are here to stay

Michael Hammes vice president of international operations said Chrysler planned to market a few hundred vehicles by year end By the end of 1988 we hope to reach 5000 The first cars would be sold in West Germany Austria and Switzerland he said

The European base would be in West Germany but no final decision had been made on other sites

The company will not set up its own dealer franchises but intends to work through distributors who will wholesale the vehicles to a franchised dealer organisation

Lutz commented We prefer to export to Europe rather than manufacture here because it will allow us to take full competitive advantage of the favourable exchange rates due to the declining value of the dollar

The vehicles on show at this weeks Geneva motor show include Chrysler LeBaron Turbo coupe and convertible the Dodge Lancer ES fourdoor hatchback the Dodge Shadow ES compact the Plymouth Voyager miniwagon and the Dodge Daytona Shelby Z

Chrysler is aiming for the mainstream European buyer who appreciates sporty cars with 22 litre engines officials said

Prior to negotiating a loan guarantee program with the US Government in 1978 Chrysler sold its European operations to Peugeot SA PEUPP Chrysler now owns 24 pct of Mitsubishi Motors Corp MIMTT and 15 pct of Maserati which may serve as European distribution channels in future Hammes said