Amadeusz Juskowiak

Carbide uk looks to acquisitions for growth

Union Carbide Corp is looking to acquisitions and joint ventures to aid its chemicals and plastics growth according the HW Lichtenberger president of Chemicals and Plastics

Describing this as a major departure in the companys approach to commercial development he told the annual new business forum of the Commercial Development Association We are looking to acquisitions and joint ventures when they look like the fastest and most promising routes to the growth markets weve identified

Not very long ago Union Carbide had the attitude that if we couldnt do it ourselves it wasnt worth doing Or if it was worth doing we had to go it alone Lichtenberger explained

He said there are times when exploiting a profitable market is done best with a partner Nor do we see any need to plow resources into a technology we may not have if we can link up profitably with someone who is already there

He said Carbide has extended its catalyst business that way and is now extending its specialty chemicals business in the same way