Amadeusz Juskowiak

Basix corp bas 4th qtr loss

Oper shr loss eight cts vs profit 20 cts

Oper net loss 768000 vs profit 1962000

Revs 490 mln vs 436 mln

12 mths

Oper shr loss 141 dlrs vs profit 96 cts

Oper net loss 136 mln vs profit 9305000

Revs 1753 mln vs 1407 mln

Note Oper excludes loss from discontinued operations of 4676000 dlrs or 48 cts a share for yearago qtr and 7571000 dlrs or 78 cts a share for yearago 12 mths

Oper includes charge of 11 mln dlrs for cumulative effect of repeal of the investment tax credit for qtr and writedown of 216 mln dlrs on gas and oil facilities for 12 mths

Yearago shr data restated to reflect two pct stock dividend of December 1986