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Apple computer aapl upgrades macintosh line

Apple Computer Inc today will announce the addition of two new machines to its profitable Macintosh line of personal computers both aimed at the business market

The Macintosh was first introduced in January 1984 and has been upgraded several times since then Both of the new machines the Macintosh SE and the Macintosh II will be faster and more versatile but considerably more expensive than earlier models

The Mac SE SE stands for system expansion which Apple says will operate 1520 pct faster than its current Mac Plus goes on sale today It carries a suggested retail price ranging from 2899 to 3699 dlrs depending on its features

The Mac II designed to run about four times faster than the Mac Plus is to be ready for shipping in May and priced between 4798 and 6998 dlrs

Mac Plus which went on the market one year ago sells for about 2200 dlrs

Both new computers are to be unveiled at the AppleWorld Conference in Los Angeles

Company officials expressed high hopes for both computers at a press briefing on Friday especially the highperformance Mac II which is designed to give Apple an entree to the expanding market for science and engineering workstations

John Sculley Apple chairman and chief executive officer declined to estimate anticipated sales but he said the Mac SE should contribute significantly to Apples bottom line this year He said it would appeal to the mainstream of PC users

I believe the Mac SE will be the product of choice for most people he said My sense is that it will be a real power product for revenue

Bruce Lupatkin senior technology analyst with Hambrecht Quist in San Francisco said he had not seen the new computers but expected the new products to do well

Apple has recognized the need for a convergence of computer functions into one general allpurpose workstation he told Reuters The graphics interface on the Mac products is significantly better than anything IBM has to date

International Business Machines is expected to announce updated personal computers this spring

The Mac II uses the new Motorola 68020 microprocessor an open architecture that allows for the addition of numerous peripheral devices a builtin hard disk and one megabyte of memory expandable to eight megabytes It can be equipped with a 12inch monochrome or a 13inch color monitor

In a demonstration of its speed and power company executives said they thought the Mac II would push the development of software for Apple computers in new directions that could include sophisticated video editing electronic mail systems and sound reproduction suitable for studio use

The Mac II can be upgraded so that its monitor displays 256 colors or shades of gray

The Mac SE is built around the 68000 microprocessor and will be shipped with one megabyte RAM expandable to four megabytes and a nineinch monochrome screen

Both new computers have two optional keyboards a new feature in the Apple line of products