Amadeusz Juskowiak

Apple aapl ast asta offer msdos products

Apple Computer Inc and AST Research Inc said they are offering two products that allow MSDOS software compatibility with Apples new Macintosh SE and Macintosh II

Apple understands the importance of information sharing in multiple vendor environments said Apple Chairman John Sculley at a seminar where the new products were released

The products allow the new Macintosh computers to run MSDOS applications in a window at the speed of an IBM PCXT and IBM PCAT

The products will require an external MSDOS drive which Apple also announced today

Apple also introduced a host of other products including storage devices memory upgrade kits keyboards and two display monitors

In addition it announced jointly with Dow Jones and Co DJ and MCI Communications Corp MCIC new electronic mail software called Desktop Express that lets users send graphic documents over telephone wires