Amadeusz Juskowiak

British conservatives ahead of labour in new polls

Britains ruling Conservatives have enlarged their lead over the opposition Labour Party according to results of two opinion polls released on Saturday

A Market Opinion Research International MORI poll conducted for The Sunday Times showed the Conservatives with a six point lead while a poll by Telephone Surveys Limited for The Sunday Express found them to be four points ahead

The Sunday Express poll is the first conducted since the Social Democratic Party scored an upset victory on Thursday in a parliamentary byelection in the former Labour stronghold of Greenwich near London

The MORI poll conducted in the six days leading up to the byelection showed the Conservatives with 41 pct of the vote Labour with 35 pct and the Alliance of Social Democrats and Liberals with 21 pct

The Sunday Express said its poll conducted on Friday found the Conservatives ahead with 356 pct of the vote Labour with 319 pct and the Alliance with 314 pct

A Harris poll published in The Observer newspaper last Sunday gave the Conservatives only a twopoint lead over Labour In that survey the Conservatives had the support of 39 pct of the voters Labour 37 pct and the Alliance 23 pct