Amadeusz Juskowiak

Senators introduce export licensing reform bill

Sens Alan Cranston DCal and Daniel Evans RWash said they introduced export licensing reform legislation that could save US companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually

Our emphasis is twofold Decontrol and delicense items where such actions will not endanger our national security and eliminate the Department of Defenses de facto veto authority over the licensing process Cranston said

Our reforms should reduce licensing requirements by 65 to 70 pct he told reporters I am convinced that a more rationallicensing process will boost exports

US export controls are intended to deny Eastern bloc countries access to technology that could further their military capabilities

By refocusing our control resources on higher levels of technology technology that is truly critical we will do a better job of preventing diversion of critical technology to our adversaries while promoting more exports Cranston said

We cannot expect to continue to play a leading role in new technology development in the future if we unduly restrict the activities of US firms in the world marketplace Evans told reporters