Amadeusz Juskowiak

Nz money supply rises 36 pct in december

New Zealands broadly defined seasonally adjusted M3 money supply grew an estimated 36 pct in December after rising a revised 24 pct in November and 404 pct in December last year the Reserve Bank said in a statement

It said unadjusted M3 increased to an estimated 3007 billion NZ Dlrs from a revised 2830 billion in November and 2553 billion in December 1985

Yearonyear M3 rose 1777 pct from a revised 1534 pct in November and 2050 pct in December 1985

Narrowly defined yearonyear M1 growth was 1589 pct against a revised 2752 pct in November and 123 pct a year earlier

M1 grew to an estimated 503 billion dlrs against a revised 477 billion in November and 434 billion in December 1985

Yearonyear private sector credit grew 3068 pct in December against a revised 2230 pct in November and 232 pct in December 1985 Private sector credit grew to 2224 billion dlrs from a revised 2092 billion in November and 1701 billion in December 1985