Amadeusz Juskowiak

Japan to try to open market to us car parts

Japan has pledged to try to increase its purchase of US car parts and also to exchange data to monitor the purchases the Commerce Department said

US negotiators opened talks last August with Japanese officials to try to force open the Japanese market to Americanmade parts in an effort to redress an estimated five billion dlr deficit in car parts trade

Japan had agreed to try to increase purchases of USmade parts by Japanese car makers and to begin long term contracts for parts purchases a Commerce department official said

He added that the agreement also said Japan agreed to try to devise a way to collect purchasing information in order to monitor progress in stepping up Japanese orders

The Commerce Department said in a statement last year that statistics support the perception in the United States that American auto parts suppliers are not welcome in the inner circles of Japans auto companies and their traditional suppliers

It estimated that while Japans car firms sold almost five billion dlrs worth of parts in the United States in 1985 US firms sold only one per cent of Japans 55 billion dlr market