Amadeusz Juskowiak

Japan consumer prices fall 04 pct in january

Japans unadjusted consumer price index base 1985 fell 04 pct to 997 in January from the previous month the governments Management and Coodination Agency said

The fall compares with a decline of 02 pct in December

The January index compared with a year earlier was down 11 pct the first drop larger than 10 pct since it fell 13 pct in September 1958

Food costs rose in January from December but prices fell for clothing footwear and utilities causing the overall decline for the month

Housing medical and educations costs increased in January compared with a year earlier but the cost of utilities gasoline and vegetables fell

The unadjusted consumer price index for the Tokyo area base 1985 was down 01 pct in midFebruary from a month earlier at 1002 reflecting lower prices for food clothing and footwear Compared with a year earlier the index was down 07 pct due to lower vegetable fuel oil and utility costs