Amadeusz Juskowiak

Am international inc am 2nd qtr jan 31

Oper shr loss two cts vs profit seven cts

Oper shr profit 442000 vs profit 2986000

Revs 2918 mln vs 1511 mln

Avg shrs 517 mln vs 434 mln

Six mths

Oper shr profit nil vs profit 12 cts

Oper net profit 3376000 vs profit 5086000

Revs 5693 mln vs 2985 mln

Avg shrs 516 mln vs 411 mln

NOTE Per shr calculated after payment of preferred dividends

Results exclude credits of 2227000 or four cts and 4841000 or nine cts for 1986 qtr and six mths vs 2285000 or six cts and 4104000 or 11 cts for prior periods from operating loss carryforwards