Amadeusz Juskowiak

Am international am cites strong prospects

AM International Inc reporting an operating loss for the January 31 second quarter said prospects for the balance of the fiscal year remain good

It said orders at its Harris Graphics subsidiary acquired in June 1986 continue to run at a strong pace For the six months orders rose 35 pct over the corresponding prioryear period or on an annualized basis are running at about 630 mln dlrs

The backlog at Harris is up 30 pct from the beginning of the fiscal year AM said

AM International said its old division are expected to benefit from recent new product introductions and the decline in the value of the dollar

Research development and engineering expenditures in fiscal 1987 will be in the 4550 mln dlr range and the company said it has allocated another 3040 mln dlrs for capital expenditures

Earlier AM reported a fourth quarter operating loss of two cts a share compared to profits of seven cts a share a year ago Revenues rose to 2918 mln dlrs from 1511 mln dlrs